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Footnotes: Quit Procrastinating Tomorrow; Talking Trash About Your Boss Online; IRS Responds to Preparer Regulation Shutdown | 01.22.13

How to Stop Procrastinating at Work "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise as they go flying by." [Vault]

You Can Now Talk Shit About Your Boss Online, Kinda [Jezebel]

H-P Wasn’t Going To Let A Little Fraud Stand In The Way Of Acquiring Autonomy If you have a CEO who really wants to do a deal, and a deal he really wants to do, it’s hard to imagine that some accountant coming to him with some minor boring technical quibble like “all these revenues are fictitious” would cause any more trouble than – well, than some banker coming to him with some minor boring technical quibble like “the price you are paying is more than the discounted cash flow of this asset to you.” Shut up, nerds! We’re doing important CEO business here! [DB]

The IRS is waving the white flag on regulation of tax preparers for 2013. But they are weighing their options. [IRS]

In case you haven't grown tired of the hairsplitting over Phil Mickelson's taxes, there's more of it at Tax Analysts. [Jeremy Scott]

Allen Stanford’s CFO James Davis Gets Five-Year Prison Term [Bloomberg]
'Peeping Tom' Accountant Enters Guilty Plea James Franc Pirc, 46, pleaded guilty to two felony charges of capturing and image of nudity without consent. Pirc had been charged with four counts of the same crime, but two counts were dismissed as part of plea negotiations. […] Officers executed a search warrant on Pirc’s home in the W14200 block of Menomonee Avenue and took the pen, which had four videos of the women using the bathroom. Pirc said he used the pen 15 or 16 times for “inappropriate things,” but deleted all but five to six videos of women using the bathroom. Pirc said he had been taping women using the bathroom for about nine months with the pen, saying it filmed in color “depending on which way they stood, but it would show their butt and front private area.” [MenomoneeFallsPatch]
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