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Footnotes: PwC Alum Is JPM’s New CFO; Tax Tinkering; SEC’s Silence on Less Successful Efforts | 11.19.12

J.P. Morgan Names Lake as CFO Marianne Lake started her career in London with PwC. [WSJ]

Is There a Tax Reform Consensus? [Joe Thorndike]

Diagnosing Fragility: The Promise of Forensic Accounting [BI]

From Russia With PR PwC Russia is included in a not-so-subtle effort by a PR firm pushing pro-Russia op-eds and blog posts. [ProPublica]

Taxes: Why tinkering beats wholesale overhaul  [Felix Salmon]

The SEC’s Braggadocio Mysteriously Disappears [Jon Weil/Bloomberg]

No matter what your differences are with family, hopefully your Thanksgiving doesn't turn out like this. [ZN]

Sex Toy Sales Up In Canada Due To NHL Lockout, Retailers Say Up 15% since October! [HP]

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