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Footnotes: Psychic Friends’ Telling Disclosure; Watch Out for the Bus; Anti-rotation Camp Strikes Back | 10.19.12

The Psychic Friends Network Cannot Predict Its Future [Bloomberg]

Taking the Blame Typically, when something goes really wrong, it is ultimately the partner's responsibility. They didn't allow managers sufficient time to provide appropriate guidance and training to staff, for example. Before a final report or tax return goes out to a client, it is reviewed by managers and then partners. Most partners at our firm do seem to accept this responsibility. [ABD]

Understanding TPC’s Analysis of Limiting Deductions [TaxVox]

Finance Execs Balk at Mandatory Rotation of Audit Firms [CFO]

The WSJ’s Black Monday Advertisers Show The 80′s Were A Magical Age [WSJ]

Tim Tebow Has Officially Trademarked Tebowing [Deadspin]


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