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Footnotes: Plan ‘B’oehner; IASB Taking a Breather; Taxing Volunteers | 12.18.12

Boehner Invokes ‘Plan B,’ Dismissing Obama’s Offer [NYT]

Accounting body signals pause after flurry of rules [Reuters]

Starbucks Pays More Tax Than It Owes Let's be clear about what actually happened. The promise to throw millions of pounds at HMRC is a PR expenditure. It was not a payment of tax in the true sense. There was no determination of under-reported income. There was no assessment for unpaid taxes, interest, or penalties. Heck, there isn't even an amended return. Nor is there reason for one. Starbucks stands by the accuracy and legitimacy of its original position (i.e., zero taxable income in Britain). To date, the UK government has never hinted that Starbucks is in the wrong. [Robert Goulder]

The Maple Syrup Thieves Got Caught [Atlantic]

Taxing Charitable Donations? Then Tax Volunteers [CNBC]

Rep. Camp Says He’s Cancer-Free [WSJ]

Controller finds more accounting problems in parks payroll [LAT]

For the 12 Days of Christmas, 12 New (and Useful) Excel 2013 Features [CFO, Earlier]

Of Liberals and Loopholes [WSJ]

Truck full of cows crashed [YouTube]

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