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Footnotes: The PCAOB’s Small Change; Grown Ups Don’t Understand Insurance; Audits: Who Needs ‘Em? | 08.28.13

Veeco is looking for a Revenue Recognition Finance Manager in Somerset, NJ. [GCJ]

The PCAOB's "Game Change" Proposal on the Auditors’ Report is Small Change [Re:Balance]

Fuel Fraud Costing Europe More Than $4 Billion in Lost Taxes [Bloomberg]

Why make companies pay for financial-statement audits when the failure rates are so high? It's a government subsidy for the accounting profession, and investors too often aren't getting their money's worth. [Jonathan Weil/Bloomberg]

Switzerland Close to Tax Deal With U.S. [NYT]

Many U.S. adults don’t understand basic health insurance terms [JofA]

Here Is a Picture of an Elephant Wearing a Raincoat [Gawker]

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