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Footnotes: Patel Me This is a Scam; Is Air an Asset or a Liability?; Woe Be Scott London | 09.27.13

Professor Receives Two Prestigious Accounting Awards [Tennessee Today]

Natural capital accounting: what's all the fuss about? [Guardian] Simply put, there are four natural capital accounting categories (air, water, land and biodiversity) and all are interdependent. These provide us with the crucial renewable and non-renewable resources and environmental services that benefit society as a whole. Our ability to account for these environmental assets and their rate of depletion (commonly referred to as stocks and flows) is variable. In a limited number of cases (such as fossil fuels) our thinking is already advanced, albeit that significant challenges still remain. However, we are failing to account for many more environmental services, especially those which are less visible for example clean air provided by forests, flood protection provided by wetlands and crop pollination provided by bees.

Someone in New Jersey is scamming people named Patel pretending to be the IRS []

The FBI and IRS is busy checking out City Hall in Kemah, TX [Houston Chronicle]

A FOX video that should get you nice and outraged over Obamacare [FOX]

The Europeans want more money out of Amazon and Apple [USA Today]

A Texas store owner was busted for a $200,000 food stamp fraud [mySA]

Scott London won't be practicing as an accountant any time soon… or ever, really [MW]

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