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Footnotes: Occupy the IRS Day 96; “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Meat”; SEC Off the Hook For Stanford Fraud | 08.13.13

According to testimony by a forensic accountant, Michael Jackson was deep in debt at the time of his death. [The Mirror]

SEC wins dismissal of lawsuit over handling of $7 billion Stanford fraud [Reuters]

Hey small businesses, bend over, the IRS wants to probe you. [WaPo]

Auditor rotation and other hot button topics aren't just a big deal over here, ya know [The Hindu Business Line]

CAQ provides guidance to audit firms for reporting on policies and practices [Journal of Accountancy]

The IRS apparently saved enough money to stay open August 30, the Friday before Labor Day. A planned furlough day in September is still up in the air. [CNNMoney]

TaxProf has a recap on the IRS Scandal: Day 96. I didn't realize this was still a thing, haven't we all moved on to the Oprah purse scandal? [TaxProf]

Mo' Money Mo' Meat? [WaPo Wonk Blog]

It Is Thrilling Any Time a Child Finds a Diamond in a Sandbox [Gawker]

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