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Footnotes: Obama Wants Boehner to Be More Reasonable; IL CPAs Serving the Troops; The Frankentax Is ALIVE | 11.09.12

Obama says deficit plan must include higher taxes for wealthy [The Hill, Earlier]

An Honest Guy on Wall Street [Bloomberg]

Fraudulent Tax Refund Attempts Caused Delays for Legitimate Taxpayers [AT]

Illinois CPA Society members will be providing free tax advice to active duty members of the military. [ICPAS]

Getting Business Tax Returns in a Divorce [Fraud Files]

Beware the 'Frankentax'! [M]illions of Americans are about to get a surprise of their lives, and not in a good way. They will be attacked by "Frankentax"! They will be ravaged by the alternative minimum tax, which was designed to ravage only the rich. And they are all middle class. And they won’t forget what you did to them. [Christopher Bergin]

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