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Accounting News Roundup: Long Hours Make You Less Productive; New KPMG Baltimore OMP; Choose: ‘No’ or ‘Hell Yes’ | 06.29.15

Memo to work martyrs: Long hours make you less productive [CNBC]
A study from Stanford University professor John Pencavel found that workers logging in excess of 50 hours saw a drop in productivity and it "falls off a cliff after 55 hours."

Congratulations, newlyweds, here’s your tax bill! [Tax Update]
Same-sex married couples will need some tax planning: "[M]ore same-sex couples will tie the knot and learn about the sometimes surprising tax results of matrimony. In general, if only one member of the couple has income, it’s a good tax deal, but not so much for two-earner couples. The weird complexity of the tax law means there are lots of exceptions."

KPMG names new managing partner in Baltimore [BBJ
Christine Aspell succeeds Kevin Hall.

Short-sellers target AirAsia amid questions over accounting [Reuters]
After a report on June 10 said that the budget airline, "uses related-party transactions with loss-making associate carriers to boost its earnings," the amount of borrowed shares rose from 7 million to 47 million in two weeks.

Madoff whistle-blower sounds alarm on T pension fund [BG]
Harry Markopolos wrote a report that said the MBTA pension fund's peformance seems "too good to be true," and, "Someone needs to go in and count the assets to make sure they’re all really there."

Only Respond to Commitments with Either "No" or "Hell Yes" [Lifehacker]
Or, in the event that you're in a bit of a rut of saying "no," you can try, "Hell, why not?"

CNN Mistakes Dildos for ISIS [NYM]
At the London Pride parade.