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Footnotes: Non-Profit Fraud; IRS Paying for Kids That Don’t Even Live Here?; ASTEROIDS! | 10.28.13

The Washington Post did a massive investigation into abuse and fraud at non-profits, you should check it out [WaPo]

Republicans don't think it's fair that undocumented immigrants are collecting $1000 per kid in tax credits, even when those kids don't live here. Commence to getting outraged! [FOX]

Are you sitting down for this one? KPMG is going to carve out a whopping 330 new jobs in Ireland [Irish Times]

PwC powers Aboriginal 'game changer' AUSTRALIA'S largest indigenous consulting company will be created to lift the quality of advice on public policy and to assist the country's most disadvantaged communities. The new venture, majority owned and operated by Aboriginal people, but partnered with consulting powerhouse PwC, promises to be a game changer when it comes to contributing to key issues facing indigenous communities, says director Jodie Sizer, a former Victorian Aboriginal young achiever who will be one of four founding owners of the new firm, PwC's Indigenous Consulting. [The Australian]

Would the White House accept a budget deal without taxes? Maybe! [Wonkblog]

Personal finance for total idiots. Present company can probably ignore… [DailyFinance]

And the award for headline of the day goes to: "Reagan Revolution Misses Tax Fiefdoms Flourishing in U.S." [Bloomberg]

Don't you just HATE when you make a $100 million mistake? The worst, man, the worst. [Reuters]

Vanity Fair asks the hard questions, like "is your country doing enough to prevent asteroid attacks?" In the event of one, grab your laptop and enjoy a work from home day. [VF]

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