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Footnotes: NASBA Grant Winners; California Hasn’t Imploded; Can’t Spell ‘Emmy’ Without EY! | 08.22.13

Nasdaq Resumes Trading After Outage [WSJ]
The IASB’s Quixotic Attack on Disclosure “Boilerplate” [Accounting Onion]
Tyco Challenges $3 Billion IRS Adjustments for Loans [Bloomberg]
Researchers at Notre Dame, Bryant, and Mississippi State Universities have been awarded grants by NASBA. [NASBA]
Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle [Bloomberg]
California raised a bunch of taxes this year. Its economy hasn’t collapsed. [Wonkblog]
FASB and PCC Propose Exempting Private Companies from Variable Interest Entity Requirements [AT]
For those of you casting EmmY ballots, you better get on that. [EY]
Texting driver in rental car hits manure trailer [KCCI]
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