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Footnotes: Nancy Pelosi Jumps to Harry Reid’s Defense and Other Questionable Moves | 08.06.12

Nancy Pelosi: 'It Is A Fact' That Somebody Told Harry Reid About Romney Not Paying Taxes [HP]

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The Numbers Inside a Hot-Button Issue "Who's right: Obama or Romney? Both. Or neither," says Joseph Thorndike, a tax historian. "When it comes to taxing the rich, there is no single, objectively correct answer. You can talk all you want about asking rich people to pay 'their fair' share,' but don't kid yourself. You're just trying to turn private opinions into public policy." "I'm struck" he adds, "how the facts can be used selectively by either side." [WSJ]

Jury acquits Bettendorf, Iowa, accountant accused in tax credit scam [SCJ]

Best Buy Founder Offers $8.8 Billion to Buy Out Company [DealBook]