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Footnotes: Much Ado About Lehman; Tax Reform Tour 2013 Rocks Memphis; Who’s Influential in Accounting? | 09.09.13

Capital One has internal auditor positions in New York, NY and Richmond, VA. [GCJ]

I recommend reading this DealBook post on why the government regulators didn't do anything about Lehman Brothers. [NYT] 

Then read this post by Jon Weil where he says the SEC still has some explaining to do. [Bloomberg]

Then read this post by Matt Levine where he says Lehman's failure was about liquidity not about Repo 105. [Bloomberg] 

IRS to Increase Audits of Prior- and Subsequent-Year Tax Returns [AT]

Obama’s Choice to Run U.S. IRS Worth Up to $27.4 Million [Bloomberg]

Karen Vangyia will be the first female OMP to lead KPMG's St. Louis office. [SLBJ]

There are a couple of familiar names on Accounting Today's 100 Most Influential list. [AT]

Max & Dave are still talking tax reform. Wake us when the doing starts. [SFC]

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Plays 'What Would Zack Morris Do in 2013' [Gawker]

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