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Footnotes: Most Disappointing Apocalypse EVER | 12.21.12

Oregon Promises Not to Change Tax Code in Nike Agreement [Tax Foundation]

As Confusion Reigns, IRS Issues Statement To Employers On 2013 Withholding [Forbes]

SEC Names Beswick Top Accountant [Compliance Week]

Seidman hopeful for converged expected loss approach despite differing FASB, IASB proposals [Journal of Accountancy]

Stone Resigns From Accounting Oversight Board After SEC Claims [Bloomberg]

Do not pity the rich; they can handle higher taxes [LA times]

In search of accountants who don’t count beans [The Globe and Mail]

Mayan Apocalypse: 'a fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth' As dawn broke over the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, thousands of mystics, hippies, druids and pagans celebrated with crystal skulls, ceremonial fires, drums beating and conches blaring when the sun came up. Genaro Hernandez, 55, an accountant wearing all white and an expression of bliss, said: "This world is being reborn as a better world." [Telegraph]