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Footnotes: Mo’ Money, No Money and Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Grover Norquist | 12.07.12

KPMG built a replica of the Chicago Water Tower using books. For charity, of course. [KPMG]

Accountable [Economist]

Cheat Sheets To The Obamacare Investment Income Tax Regulations [Forbes]

10 Things You Never Knew About Grover Norquist, The Man Behind The GOP's 'No New Taxes' Pledge Somewhat legit. I only knew five. [BI]

War Veteran’s Fund Losses Explain Glass-Steagall [Bloomberg]

On the Occasion of ‘Madoff Day,’ Think About How to Avoid Fraud [NY Times]
SEC Sues Fla. Lawyer, Says He Used Atty Niece’s ID to Issue Opinion Letters, Faked Her Signature [ABA Journal]
IRS seeks to block Mo Money franchise owners in Nashville [The Commercial Appeal]

Chart o’ the Day: The End of Paper? [The Reformed Broker]

“My wife rolls her eyes when I talk about it, but recently she’s been more receptive because she reaps the benefits.” [Million Mile Secrets] You guys are NEVER going to believe it but the cheap dude profiled there is a CPA! Never saw that coming, huh?!