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Footnotes: Microsoft’s 10-K, Stiffing the IRS, and the SEC’s BS Case | 07.31.12

2nd Day of Power Failures Cripples Wide Swath of India [NYT]

Microsoft's radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight [ZDNet]

Peregrine Financial: 4 Common Methods of Camouflaging Fraud [WSJ]

IRS Not Fully Reimbursed for Services to Other Agencies [AT]

Federal Jury Doesn’t Want SEC To Take This The Wrong Way, But It Thinks This Citi CDO Case Is Bullshit Bringing lawsuits about mortgage CDO marketing practices has been the major focus of the SEC’s response to the financial crisis, and this was the first time that approach was tested in court, and the SEC’s lawyers spent building the case only to see a jury shoot them down in two days, and they have no courtroom victory or precedent to show for their work, but they won the one thing that is truly important in this vale of tears: an encouraging note from a group of anonymous strangers. [DB]