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Footnotes: Maybe Sequester Isn’t All Bad; Five More Years at PCAOB for Harris, Hanson; Buy an ex-Deloitte Partner’s Ocean-front Home | 03.01.13

China-based Keyuan settles SEC accounting charges [Reuters]

IRS: Sequester Won’t Delay Tax Refunds, Maybe Fewer Audits [ABC]

IRS Extends Deadline for Hurricane Sandy Tax Break [AT]

Questioning the Longevity of the Income Tax [Robert Goulder]

Michigan governor clears way for state takeover of Detroit [Reuters]

A former Deloitte partner is asking $8.3 million for his ocean-front Connecticut home. [BI]

SEC steps up probe of Chesapeake, CEO McClendon [Reuters]

Steven Harris and Jay Hanson Reappointed to PCAOB [SEC]

Stacy Lewis's KPMG hat has a Twitter account, apparently. [@StacyLewis_KPMG]

Obama 'Jedi Mind Meld' flub mixes confuses 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' IMPEACH! [CSM]

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