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Footnotes: Little GAAP; The Defense Sector is Defenseless Again Corruption; Johnny V is the Most Responsible-ist CEO | 09.25.13

Little GAAP Could Drive Accounting Simplification [WSJ CFO Journal]

The IRS got its butt kicked in court over regulating tax preparers, but the real interesting part of this piece is the comments [POLITICO]

How will the Twitter IPO change Twitter? @ me and let's discuss [WSJ]

Not sure if you heard but our country has until October 17th to pay its bills. No biggie, we can sell some monuments on Craigslist or something. [Reuters]

A shocking survey reveals that the defense sector is easy pickins for corruption [ComplianceWeek]

Deloitte is trying to back away slowly from a mess in India, apparently. Deloitte is seeking to initiate damage minimising measures but sadly those measures are designed to save its own skin and not protect the interests of various stakeholders evincing interest in accounts and auditors’ report thereon. Time alone will tell whether this rearguard action was enough to save its skin. [Firstpost]

KPMG's John Veihmeyer has been named "Responsible CEO of the Year" by Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Good for him? [PR]

'Massive fraud' at center of trial against BofA over U.S. mortgages [Reuters]

Lastly, this racist douche is looking for a perfect, long-haired redhead girlfriend. Find him one and you could be $1500 richer. [Gawker]

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