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Footnotes: Life at Deloitte Is ON A BOAT; Learn From Walter White; Oktoberfest Economics | 09.20.13

Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico needs an audit manager in Tewksbury, MA. [GCJ]

Buffett Calls Fed History’s Greatest Hedge Fund [Bloomberg]

Law Student Prepares Appellate Brief After His Fantasy Football Trade Gets Vetoed [ATL]

Jonathan Weil says it's not too early to start worry about banks' accounting, again. [Bloomberg]

Wife allegedly killed for closing ketchup bottle too tightly [AP]

What accountants can learn from Walter White [AWEB]

Learn All the PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts with This Free Guide [Lifehacker]

The price of beer at Oktoberfest completely defies economic logic [Quartz]

UBS Whistleblower (Allegedly!) Likes His Drink [DB]

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