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Footnotes: Let’s Get to Know the New 3.8% Net Investment Tax | 04.26.13

Overview Of The New 3.8% Investment Income Tax, Part 1 [Forbes]

IRS Releases FATCA Draft Forms and Warns of Deadline [AT]

U.S. SEC turning to technology to spot accounting abuses George Canellos, who was named co-director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement division on Monday, said the commission will look at publicly traded companies for instances of "earnings management" – when firms take advantage of gray areas in accounting rules to make earnings look better than they really are. [Thomson Reuters]

IASB proposes interim standard on rate-regulated activities [JofA]

Taxpayers Subsidize Rich Anti-Taxers [Tax Analysts]

Woman calls cops to report that kittens are having sex in her yard [MSN]



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