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Footnotes: Lauryn Hill’s Ooh La La La; GT’s new South African acquisition; MACPA Innovation Summit | 05.06.13

Mexico aims to overhaul tax system, raise revenue [Reuters]

Grant Thornton has acquired PKF in South Africa. [BDLive]

CPA Trendlines suggests this was the worst tax season ever. Do you agree? [CPA Trendlines]

Opinion: KPMG Insider Trading Scandal Damages the Reputation of the Accounting Profession blah blah blah blah blah [Business Ethics]

Lauryn Hill gets 3 months for failing to pay taxes Ooh la la la… it's the way that we rock, we be doin' our thing [USA Today]

Your boring tax wonk post of the day [Forbes]

DealBook's "Good Luck With That" story of the day [NYT]

Shameless self-promotion: I'll be at the Maryland Association of CPAs' Innovation Summit next Thursday, anyone else? [MACPA]

Lastly, it's my exotic DC street cat Buck's 2nd birthday. Let's give my baby a whoop whoop. [Twitpic]

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