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Footnotes: If Our Tax Returns Had a Face, Our Face Would Look Like a Bar Chart and Other Things That Don’t Make Sense | 09.24.12

Putting a Face on America's Tax Returns: A Chartbook [Tax Foundation]

Julian Robertson To Give Up One “Long Island Day” To Attend 80th Birthday Party [DB]

Clinton calls on elites to pay more tax in remarks seen as criticism of Romney [Guardian]

Mitt Romney admits he’ll need to raise taxes on the middle class [T]he study Romney is promoting — the one he says is the study you should be looking at — actually shows even under the most favorable assumptions possible, he’s going to have to raise taxes on the people he defines as the middle class. In saying that that study is credible, he has admitted he can’t make his tax promises add up. And yet he constantly, repeatedly says the opposite. [Wonkblog/WaPo]

Romney Accountant's Letter – Exercise In Obfuscation? [Forbes]

Romney’s Tax Returns: Do Voters Care? [WW/WSJ]

PwC Buys Social Media Consulting Firm [AT]

Are They High? I think you would have to be smoking something to think legalizing pot will have any significant impact on state finances. [David Brunori]

North Texas man gets $1 tax bill [FOX]

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