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Footnotes: Howe You Like that Corporate Tax Debate; Audit Sans Report; Snitches | 09.04.14

Students Who Exercise Regularly Have Higher GPAs Get off your ass [TaxProf]

What's an accounting puzzle like Alibaba (really) worth? Where's a good accountant when you need one… [Fortune]

Thank you for the clarification [Twitter]

What's up with the mystery audit at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport? The report seems to be missing []

The IRS reminds you not to tweet them your Social Security number [Fox Business]

CPA Executives Have a Positive Outlook on Hiring: AICPA Study [AccountingWeb]

Study Finds Insiders Dump Stock Before Comment Letters Go Public [Compliance Week]

Here's video of EY Americas managing partner Stephen Howe on the corporate tax debate from Opening Bell this morning [Fox Business]

New Study: Ebola Virus Could Reach the U.S. by "Late September" Hope you saved up some PTO [Gawker]