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Footnotes: Good Old COSO; IRS Employees Suspended For Taking Free Food; “The Aryan Accountant” | 06.05.13

Can the IRS be saved? [Don't Mess With Taxes]

According to the WSJ, the SEC has approved tighter money-fund rules. Before you complain about needing to be logged into to read it, just punch "SEC Approves Tighter Money-Fund Rules" into Google and TADA, there it is just like magic [WSJ]

Uh, apparently there's some beef about a white supremacist accountant in Canada, they're calling him "The Aryan Accountant" [Independent-Enterprise]

SEC Top Accountant Defers to COSO on Framework Adoption [Compliance Week]

No debating it: Business prof shows students that accounting is more than number-crunching [NIU Today]

Tea Party groups detail 'harassment' by IRS [USA Today]

The Atlantic has proof the IRS didn't only target conservative groups. Funny, I feel like I've seen this before somewhere… [The Atlantic]

Two IRS Officials on Leave Over Free Food at Convention The Internal Revenue Service said it placed two employees on leave for accepting free food during a party at the agency’s 2010 conference in California. At least one of the employees works for the IRS division that will administer President Barack Obama’s health-care law, according to a congressional aide who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly. They accepted $1,100 in free food and other items at the conference in Anaheim, said the aide. [Bloomberg]

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