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Footnotes: Gimme Back My Bentley; Nice Guys Do Finish First (Sometimes); Can I Tell You a Secret? | 02.26.14

Man convicted of tax fraud wants Bentley, jewelry back [Tampa Tribune]

The SEC reminds everyone they are pro-whistleblower []

A Christian pot shop takes on the IRS [TIME]

Who says honesty doesn't a pay? A dude in New York state is $10 million richer after returning a bonus lottery ticket a store clerk issued him by mistake [AP]

Credit Suisse Clients Worked Hard for Their Tax Savings [Bloomberg View]

Haters gon hate [Twitter]

And you thought Prometric was bad Multiple tipsters report that there was a total clusterf**k with the ExamSoft test-taking program near the end of the California Bar. Here’s a good report: "I knew something was up when I saw a dude get pissed and hit his laptop really hard, causing shock in the Ontario test center. Another guy yelled 'what the F! I can’t believe this…'" [Above the Law]

Remember the California couple who found $10 mil in gold coins in their yard? Yeah, the IRS is going to want their piece o' that [Forbes]

Filed under DUHHHH: Secrets you share with secret-sharing apps aren't always secret [WSJ]

A bit of terrible news only our San Francisco readership will understand: the iconic Bushman has died. Fun fact: though they've since moved HQ, back when I worked for Roger, I spent many a lunch hour happily watching him at work (because ewww tourists). Happy trails, my friend, you will be missed. [KTVU]