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Footnotes: Facebook Blamestorming; The Influentials; Grover Owned Tampa | 09.07.12

Facebook Investors Know Exactly Whom to Blame [Bloomberg]

Top 100 Influential People [AT]

In Retrospect, CNBC Thinks Investing With Bernie Madoff Wasn’t Such A Bad Idea [DB]

Reading the Tax Reform Tea Leaves [Tax Foundation]

Are You Ready for Candy Corn Flavored Oreos? No, Of Course You’re Not [Gawker]

An Ad Agency Crowdsources Its Own Employees’ Morale [NYT]

Painting the Town Red With Grover Norquist "My wife and I have what’s known as mixed marriage. I am a Methodist, she is a Muslim. So we’re keeping it in the M's. We’re thinking that for the kids, we could go with the Mennonites or the Mormons. The Mennonites have this really nice low-carbon footprint. But the Mormons—I have two daughters—I think if I work this out right, I only have to pay for one wedding.” [NJ]

Sexually Aggressive Dolphin Tries To 'Get Busy' With Scuba Divers [HP]