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Footnotes: Ernst & Young and the Golden Globes; Marin County and Deloitte Make Nice; What’s Doug Shulman Up To? | 01.13.13

Can someone who's DVRing the Golden Globes email me the video if something interesting happens with the E&Y auditors? I appreciate it. [E&Y]

The U.S. Must Challenge China's Accounting Standards [U.S. News]

Fed Agency Retracts Reprimand to Flatulent Worker [AP]

The County of Marin settled its lawsuit with Deloitte for the botched SAP implementation. [PS]

Do you make $400,000 a year? Do you consider yourself rich? Is that a loaded question? [Joe Thorndike]

Reminder: Your Paycheck Just Got Smaller [Slate]

The Tax Foundation's preliminary number crunching finds that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's eliminate pretty much all taxes plan would improve the business climate there. [TF]

There is, roughly speaking, only 23 problems with the tax code. [DMWT]

Ex-IRS Commish Doug Shulman is going to be a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution. [TaxProf]

Woman gets 15 years for robbing White Castle with water gun [KTVI]

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