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Footnotes: Er, Isn’t the SEC Already Advocating For Investors?; Gossip Is Good; SWM Seeks J-O-B | 02.12.14

TIL: A little office gossip is actually good for your team [Lifehacker]

Buffett's Pal Munger Heads a Very Weird Company [Bloomberg View]

Question of the day:

How looking for a job is like looking for a date [Mashable]

The IRS still doesn't get to regulate tax preparers [Don't Mess With Taxes]

The Fed to the Bank of England: You go first [Wonkblog via WaPo]

Posted in Open Items today: E&Y FSO Advisory Interviewing Experience [Open Items]

Both Sides Object to I.R.S. Plan to Restrict Nonprofits’ Political Activity [NYT]

Heyyyy lets talk about that weather, eh? Stay safe out there, kiddos. Please feel free to tell your firm AG said you can have the day off tomorrow [CBS DC]