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Footnotes: Don’t Try to Scam a CPA; Life at Deloitte Is Missing a Life; Ten Great Cities If You Want a Job | 08.27.13

Accounting Principals named the top 10 cities for finance jobs. HOLLA, RVA! [AccountingWEB]

What's Michael Jackson's face worth? No, we're not talking what he paid his plastic surgeon to change it, we mean the actual value of his image. His estate says $2,105 but the IRS doth contest, estimating its value closer to, oh, $434 million. I'm no mathlete but looks like those numbers are a little off. [NBC]

Meanwhile, in Canada… [Financial Post]

KPMG report urges radical new look at long-term care [The Guardian]

A Montana CPA tried to sell a violin on Craigslist, got death threats from a scammer instead. [Missoulian]

OH NOES the Democrats want to tax the powder out of guns and ammo! [Fox News]

Brazil, UBS in dispute over $38 million in back taxes [Reuters]

Life at Deloitte is still doing a great job at reminding us there is no such thing as work/life balance. [Twitter]

While we're all still talking about Miley Cyrus and confusing awkward butt-shaking with actual twerking, maybe some of you can get together and show this kid how it's done by starting an "accountants twerking" video trend. Just suggesting. [Gawker]


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