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Footnotes: Deloitte’s Reorganization; Welcome, BKD Nashville; Envelope Full of Receipts Spooks IRS Office | 07.01.13

Textron needs a Director of Tax Reporting in Providence, Rhode Island. [GCJ]

Ranking the B-School Rankings [TaxProf]

The President of the FAF, Terri Polley, hopes private companies are NOT jumping into FRF for SMEs all willy-nilly. [FAF]

SOOOOO, the FASB also released some proposals for private company accounting. [AT]

Simons Strategy to Shield Profit From Taxes Draws IRS Ire [Bloomberg]

For U.S. corporate giants, taxes are far below top rate: study [Reuters]

Receipts mailed to Internal Revenue Service prompt emergency response [MJS]

BKD opened a Music City office. [NBJ]

This Nebraska accountant who took $150k from clients has one hell of a lawyer. [SCJ]

Deloitte has reorganized with Henry Phillips the lead partner in the East Region and Teresa Briggs in the West. [Deloitte]

Man Buys Back $850 Million Company for $1 Million, Just for Funsies [VW]

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