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Footnotes: Deloitte Invoice Causes a Hubbub in Iowa; There’s No Tax Messi, Say Lawyers; The Tax Angle on Dwight Howard’s Decision | 06.21.13

If you have experience with manufacturing clients, Textron needs a Senior Analyst in Troy, MEECHigan. [GCJ] 

Deloitte By Any Name Won't Be Monitoring NY Banks For A While [Forbes]

Accounting rules mask banks' financial health: investors [Reuters]

Messi has paid his taxes, claim lawyers [Yahoo]

Deloitte sent a $387k bill to the city of Davenport, Iowa and some people aren't happy about it. [QCT]

Will Taxes Affect Dwight Howard's 'Decision?' [AWEB]

McConnell blames public worker unions for Tea Party targeting [The Hill]
How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity And productivity. We know the creative thing is a stretch for most of you. [NYT]
The Night Tony Soprano Disappeared [GQ]
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