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Footnotes: Darrell Issa Is Always On It; What’s the CFTC Up To?; Dixon and a Whole Ton of Money? | 10.11.13

You Got a Tax Notice From the IRS, But Don't Panic Don't even worry about it if you shouldn't be doling out tax advice on the Internet, it's cool… [The Street]

The IRS, Privacy and, uh, Darrell Issa? Alright, OK then! [NRO]

JPMorgan posts loss on $9.2 billion legal bill [USA Today]

The CFTC is hustling to get, uh, something done before Gary Gensler leaves. Whatever, guy. [Reuters]

A little late to this one but is Japan going IFRS? [economia]

Sorry to bring up this old news but apparently folks in Dixon, IL are trying to figure out what to do with a $40 million "windfall" as a result of Rita Crundwell's idiocy [SaukValley]

FASB Offers Q&A Fact Sheet on Disclosure Framework [AccountingWEB]

Oh and maybe it's just me but Banksy's latest sort of reminds me of the Going Concern comment section [Gothamist]

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