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Footnotes: Countdown to Shutdown!; Lease Accounting Shmease Accounting; Chicks Rule | 09.23.13

TD Bank will pony up $52.6 million to settle claims related to one of their customer's unfortunate ponzi scheme. [Businessweek]

Carl Icahn stands to make a ridiculous amount of money off Grand Theft Auto V, and he didn't have to kill any hookers to get it. [Forbes]

Women-Owned Businesses Getting More Deals Done [FOXBusiness]

Those rare few who understand proposed changes to lease accounting rules aren't too stoked about it. [WSJ]

A chartered accountant is the king of Sudoku. [economia]

Canadian accountants find Canadian executives are mostly optimistic about the economy [Financial Post]

The South Carolina man who won a $400 million Powerball jackpot will be remaining anonymous, let's hope he can find a good CPA on his own [CNN]

Here's what the countdown to shutdown will probably look like this week, not including a few John Bohner crying fits I'm sure [WaPo]

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