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Footnotes: Citi’s Unbelievable Financial Statements; GT Picks Off China Expert From E&Y; You Need a Meeting Intervention | 02.26.13

A Legal Secret Weapon May Help Hold Deloitte US Firm Liable for ChinaCast Fraud That would be Section 18 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. [Forbes]

The SEC, Like Everyone Else, Didn’t Believe Citi’s Financial Statements Probably not even KPMG. [DB]

Marc Siegel will spend five more glorious years as a member of the FASB. [FAF]

95% of the 87% of people who said that it's never okay to cheat on your taxes said that their "personal integrity" influences them. [AP] 

Break Your Addiction to Meetings [HBR]

Grant Thornton's new China Business Group will be led by Sandy Chu, who was running the Greter China Desk at E&Y. [GT] 

The Tax Executives Institute's executive director is joining KPMG's Washington National Tax practice. [KPMG]

Ditch the Headphones at Work? I pity those of you working in a forbidden headphone environment. [AWEB]

Nebraska Governor Withdraws Tax Reform Proposal; Legislature Look to Commission to Develop Alternatives [TF]

Hero Teen Forced to Walk Ten Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview Gets Better Offer and Free Bus Rides for a Year [Gawker]

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