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Footnotes: BoMo Q&A; Not So Fast, REIT Wannabes; Deloitte Went Boutique Shopping | 06.10.13

How Managers Do Love the Leasing ED: Let Me Count the Ways [Accounting Onion]

Here's an interview with PwC's Bob Moritz that I haven't finished yet because it's so long. [AT]

Rear slap gets ex-NFL star C. Johnson 30 days jail [AP]

IRS Puts Brakes on Corporate Push to Capture Real-Estate Tax Break [WSJ via TaxProf]

Deloitte Corporate Finance bought the assets of McColl Partners, an advisory-focused investment bank. [DealBook]

Multinational Profits: Here, There, or Nowhere? [HP]

Supreme Court gay marriage ruling will affect 179 federal tax provisions and thousands of same-sex couples [DMWT]

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that Danny Werfel's title will change to principal deputy commissioner and deputy commissioner for services and enforcement until the White House announces its next head of the agency, according to a letter obtained by The Hill.  [The Hill]

Let Legal Marijuana Dispensaries Deduct Their Business Expenses [TaxVox]

Worst Person Ever Gives Dunkin' Donuts Worker Hell Over Missing Receipt [Gawker]

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