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Footnotes: Auditor Musical Chairs in the EU; O Canada!; New Benjamins Are Almost Here | 04.24.13

Listen, your right-wing friends are going to freak out about this but actually read the article and you'll discover the government isn't really wasting money on account fees for empty accounts because they're government accounts. Or something. [Washington Post]

After a "brief" delay, the new $100 bill finally has a release date scheduled. The irony of its comically fake appearance is still not lost on me. [CNN]

Those silly Europeans might make public companies change auditors every 25 years. Plan accordingly, EU fraudsters. [FOX Business]

The Economist has a profile of our new friend Russell Golden. No mention of whether or not he wears dad jeans, as if we need an investigate report for that answer. [Schumpeter]

Can someone please explain what's going on in Canada? Might be NAFTA's fault. [MW]

Obama's Budget Would Lead to the Highest Federal Tax Rate in 4 Decades, per the [Atlantic]

TN Rep Phil Roe is shilling for his people over at The Hill, reminding Team Taxalot that higher taxes won't necessarily help the economy [The Hill]


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