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Footnotes: Acting IRS Does His Own Tax Return; Auditor Annoyed By Accounting System; A Busy Bank Swindler | 07.17.13

Acting IRS Commisioner Danny Werfel does his own tax returns! [DMWT]

Auditor irked by flaws in Minn. accounting system Naturally. [AP]
Max & Dave will be talking about tax reform at the Economics Club in DC tomorrow. [@simplertaxes]
How to Make Poison Pills Palatable [DealBook]

An Atlanta man was convicted of obtaining 70 fraudulent loans from 7 different banks. [AJC]

Little Old Lady Denies Robber Cash, Offers Him Tootsie Rolls Instead [Gawker]

Urine-powered cell phones? Urine-powered cell phones. [CBS]

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