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Footnote: Deloitte’s Cozy Pittsburgh Office; Tax Avoidance Morality; Lehman Keeps on Giving | 02.01.13

Deloitte among accounting firms clear the books of extra square footage Deloitte LLP has quietly renewed its lease at One PPG Place, taking about 60,000 square feet, roughly half of what it currently occupies. And Deloitte is not alone. Three of the region’s four-largest CPA firms are displaying creative accounting when it comes to their own leases, doing much more with less space but at least the same number of employees. “We have just as many people, so this is not about less employees; it’s a more efficient use of space and working smarter,” said Robert Denove, Deloitte’s Pittsburgh managing partner. [PBT]

JP Morgan Chase Named A New Chief Auditor (For Corporate!); Can You Name Him? [Forbes]

Staying Ahead of the Tax Man [Economix/NYT]

Property Tax Rules Puzzle Finance Staffs [CFO]

Baucus could release draft tax reform plan in spring [The Hill]
Is Aggressive Tax Avoidance Moral? Accounting firms and their clients cannot act as though tax laws and regulations are like the tablets Moses brought down from the mountaintop unless Moses had with him a dozen Gucci-clad lobbyists handing out $2,500 checks. [Martin Sullivan]
100 Years of the Federal Income Tax [TF]
Lehman Notches New Milestone By Hitting $2 Billion Fee Mark [Dow Jones]
This NYT article on law schools and the legal job market are pretty depressing. Unless you're not a lawyer, of course. [NYT]
Norman The Sheep Dog Stars On The Hallmark Channel's 'Who Let The Dogs Out' To his owner-coach, Karen Cobb, this was bound to happen. While other pups were being house-broken, Norman was roaming the streets of Atlanta by scooter. "He just jumped on the kids' scooter and learned how to balance. He was born a natural," Cobb told the Huffington Post. Norman makes his pedaling premiere tonight on the Hallmark Channel's "Who Let The Dogs Out," wherein he and his skateboarding pal Tillman the bulldog take a road trip across the country. [HP]
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