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First Accounting Job!

Hello everyone.  I landed two jobs and both pay same rate.

One company is a CPA firm (public accounting) that wants to start me out from the bottom (bookkeeping/getting coffee) and work my way up over time.

Other company, I was offered through a temp to hire agency and is an auditing associate position for Kelmar Associates (third party auditing company).

So I am stuck in choosing what job to accept.  I want to obtain my CPA in less than two years and want to get what is best on my resume for now.  I want to be a controller or even partner in ten years or so (I am 22).  This is my first accounting job, with no experience what so ever and I graduate with my bachelors in December.  Please give me some ideas on which route to take as I am lost in what would be better for me in long term.