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Fired PwC Employee Is Suing Comcast But Not to Get His Job Back

Conal O'Rourke will not go quietly into that dark night without a fight, folks, he just wants you to know that. In case Comcast wasn't aware of that fact, he has filed a lawsuit.

Gawker has the story:

Conal O'Rourke is going after Comcast and its controller, Lawrence Salva, for defamation, and arguing the company violated federal regulations with its poor service and overbilling.

In his complaint, O'Rourke alleges that Salva, a former partner at PWC, called up an executive at PWC's Philadelphia office and used Comcast's leverage as a major client to have O'Rourke investigated for "ethics violations" and ultimately fired.

O'Rourke says Comcast and Salva defamed him by telling his employer he threw PWC's name around on the phone in an attempt to get his Comcast service issues resolved—he claims he never told anyone at Comcast who he worked for, and he wants Comcast to release tapes and emails from his interactions with the controller's office [to] prove it.

You'll recall O'Rourke's original beef with Comcast involved thousands of dollars worth of equipment that Comcast kept sending him for absolutely no reason. He also claims they couldn't even spell his name right and therefore he didn't get his bills from the USPS in a prompt manner because mailmen are dicks that way.

The guy originally said he was going to sue to get his job back but put that aside to focus on damages instead. Presumably, once he has the tapes that prove he never threw around PwC's name in an attempt to get some kind of preferential service, he can go to PwC and sue them directly. Or, you know, ask nicely to have his job back.