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This announcement is the most exciting thing since…uh…yeah, I got nothing. Anyway, the EY split is official. The vote, that is.

“EY leaders have reached the decision to move forward with partner votes to separate into two, distinct, multidisciplinary organizations. The next steps include ongoing engagement with partners to provide them with more information in advance of the voting process.

We expect this phase to continue through the end of the year, with voting expected to begin on a country-by-country basis in late 2022 and conclude in early 2023.”

6 thoughts on “EY HAS BIG NEWS, YOU GUYS

  1. I don’t really agree with this split. Independence is actually sacrificed for sake of more revenue. In form, they maybe difference entity but in substance indepence is broken for the “sake” of equity. Hoping regulators have a take in this to protect public trust and interest.

    1. I get the feeling this guy doesn’t understand how independence works.

      This doesn’t “break” independence. It makes it moot.

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