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Exodus Watch ’12: Reznick Group

This just in:

Reznick's government practice is bleeding people.  Wasn't a large group to begin with and 13 people have left (roughly half were sr. managers and managers) since November 2011.
Reznick is well known in the Mid-Atlantic for its government services and if you look at their Goverment Practice page, you can see that it's a pretty well developed, especially when compared to what's offered by RG's merger partner, J.H. Cohn. And since the merger news is still pretty fresh, it's unlikely that the ship jumpers would be doing so to avoid the headaches associated with all that. Still, with 13 people (plus/minus the margin of error) leaving In a period of 7-8 months, quite a blow for a firm of RG's size. 
If you know more about this Reznick situation or if your firm is experiencing a summer exodus, email us the details.