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Ex-MLB Pitcher’s Career as an Accountant Not Going Really Well

A Minnesota man who twice had a cup of coffee in the big leagues as a pitcher with the Milwaukee Brewers was charged last week for allegedly cheating a flooring company out of about $250,000 while working there as an accountant.

Ben Hendrickson, 37, of Excelsior, Minn., was charged in Anoka County District Court last week with four counts of theft by swindle, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He is expected to appear in court on Nov. 30.

Hendrickson has yet to respond to a request for comment.

The Star Tribune has details from the complaint:

While working for Floors Northwest in Fridley, Hendrickson would alter the amount of cash received to make it look like less was collected from sales staff. Hendrickson deposited the lower amount and kept the rest. Nearly $160,000 of the money he stole was taken in the final two years of his employment.

He also shifted $10,000 of the company’s money to a personal health care account that paid his medical bills.

Hendrickson admitted to police that he stole the money to help pay bills but thought the amount stolen was between $50,000 and $75,000.

Ben Hendrickson

According to Hendrickson’s LinkedIn page, he began working at Floors Northwest in January 2013.

He left his job there last year, according to the Star Tribune.

Hendrickson appeared in 10 games for the Brewers in 2004 and four games in 2006, and finished his pitching career with a won/loss record of 1-10 (which is bad) and an earned run average of 7.41 (also bad).