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Ex-EY CEO Mark Weinberger Joined His Gazillionth Board of Directors

OK, I might have gotten a little carried away with the title of this post, but it seems like former EY Global Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger is being appointed to some kind of corporate board or advisory position every month.

The latest addition to his resume is a seat on the board of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, as an independent board member. Weinberger replaces a chap by the name of Andrew Gould, who also is a former EYer.

In the press release, Weinberger gave a very press releasey statement about his new gig:

“I am honored to be joining the Board of Aramco at this important time in the company’s history and world events. I look forward to helping the Board continue to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and deliver value for all of Aramco’s shareholders.” Weinberger said.


As long as Weinberger can do what he can to keep gasoline by me at under $2 a gallon, I’ll be a happy camper.

Since June 30, 2019, his last official day as EY global chairman and CEO, Weinberger has joined the boards of MetLife, Johnson & Johnson, and Aramco, and he was appointed as a senior advisor for Stone Canyon Industries Holdings LLC.

Plus he does all this other stuff:

  • Senior advisor: Teneo
  • Strategic advisor: FCLTGlobal Board
  • Member: CEO Advisory Council, JUST Capital
  • Director: National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Senior Advisor: CECP
  • Member: Aspen Economic Strategy Group
  • Trustee: United States Council for International Business
  • Trustee: Greater Washington Partnership
  • Trustee: The Concord Coalition
  • Trustee: Emory University
  • Trustee: Case Western Reserve University

Needless to say, Weinberger will now have a lot more Zoom meetings in his future.

[Saudi Aramco]

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