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Everyone in Warren Buffett’s Office Pays a Higher Tax Rate Than He Does, Says His Secretary Who Is Obviously Stealing All the Glory

The fact that O^3's effective tax rate is probably lower than yours and mine is pretty ridiculous. We have Congress to thank for that. But this secretary thing is getting played. Why does she get all the attention? Why did she get to go to the State of the Union? I mean she seems like a very nice lady and all but now, Debbie Bosanek, who has been WB's secretary for nearly 20 years, is the poster child for what could be the most defining issue in the Presidential campaign. Isn't there an actuary or a janitor or a WB fluffer in the Berkshire offices that is equally deserving of carrying the torch on this inequality issue?  Here she is getting all glory hog about it with the boss on ABC:

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On second thought, these grandmotherly types are pretty effective. The only way I could be more convinced is if she was holding a puppy. Willard has his work cut out for him.