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Ernst & Young Pulls Its “We Are Las Vegas” Sing-a-Long (cry)

Editor’s note: Caleb is at some Si Se Puede rally with other pissed off Big 4 expatriates or something so I’m forced to bring you this news. Surely he’ll return shortly to continue keeping E&Y’s “Internet Reputation Team” in a job.

Earlier today, Caleb posted a pretty awful Ernst & Young sing-a-long that I unfortunately did not get to watch before it was pulled by – well duh – E&Y. Hope you saw it while it was up, I’m sure it was fabulously lame.

It appears they have a bit of a public relations nightmare on their hands but who can say?

Here’s another excellent Uncle Ernie flick, wonder how long it takes for them to pull this one?

Damn. That makes me want to be an auditor.