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Enter the Going Concern Busy Season Video Contest For Your Chance at Cash and Fabulous Prizes*

Because it's been way too long since we've had a great video (certain drunk folks excluded), TPTB had the great idea to sponsor a Going Concern video contest. If you've ever wanted fame and fortune – or rather, infamy and possible risk of losing your gainful employment — now is your chance.

The requirements are simple: make a video at least semi-related to accounting, auditing, studying for the CPA exam or whatever else tickles your fancy within that realm. Then send it on over to us with the subject "Busy season video contest" and you're entered.

Here are a couple suggestions to get the creative juices flowing:

  • a reenactment of the KPMG drunk girl video
  • your audit team in orange jumpsuits doing a choreographed dance to Thriller
  • intern pranks (you could be really nice and hide a box of tickmarks in the supply closet)
  • anything that mocks this
  • a bootleg Feed the Pig spot that doesn't violate the AICPA's trademark (say, Feed the Hamster?)
  • Catfishing a newly-divorced partner (just kidding, that's mean)

What we're really hoping for is the next In a JIT but we'll settle for Street Accountants.

Accounting firms, state societies and other organizations are welcome to participate as are current accounting students, unemployed accountants, disgraced former CPAs, current CPAs in good standing and just about anyone else with fewer than two degrees of separation from the industry.

Entries have to get to us by Friday, February 28th a date of our choosing and the best among them (as determined arbitrarily by us) will be presented to the readership to pick a winner.

*We lied, there is no cash and the prizes aren't fabulous at all but you will win public accounting immortality**

**Immortality not guaranteed.

Small print rules: all entries are property of Sift Media and we can basically do whatever we want with them. By submitting a video, you confirm that every human being in the video has given you permission to submit their likeness to this website and you accept all legal, personal and professional liability for your entry. Sift Media employees and contractors are eligible to participate, however no prizes will be awarded to them (because it's prize enough that they get to work here). Did we mention there's no cash? Sorry.