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Dumb: Paid $7 Million for the Oakland Coliseum Naming Rights

While still involved in a lawsuit (the one that came about because of a Walmart sticker) with seven California counties, including Alameda where Oakland resides.

From the Chronicle’s Zennie62:

Did the Oakland Raiders say anything? What about anyone with the City of Oakland or the County of Alameda. Did they even know that the County was involved against in this way?

Moreover, how could the San Francisco Bay Area print media, normally derisive of bloggers like myself, miss this legal issue?

So, to close, we have two problems with the, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium Naming Rights Deal: it’s way under valued at $7 million, and the firm that’s on the other side of the deal is being sued by the same County of Alameda it’s giving money to, and for allegedly fraudulent business practices.

Overstock Buys Oakland Coliseum Naming Rights While In California Lawsuit [SFC]