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Don’t Freak Out But NASBA Systems Will Be Down All Weekend

ATTENTION people taking the CPA exam this weekend: you will not be able to print your NTS the day of your exam, you will not be able to check it with your knees delicately pressed against your steering wheel while racing to Prometric, and you definitely won’t be able to track down the last cybercafe in town and cough up $5 to turn a bunch of pixels into a nice printout of the information you need in order to be able to sit on exam day. In other words, PRINT YOUR NTS ahead of time or else you might not be able to access it. Do it now.

According to NASBA, the system will be down starting this Friday at 5 p.m. and will stay that way through Sunday, Cthulu willing.

Printing your NTS well ahead of your exam is always a good idea, outage or not. If this is your first CPA exam section, get in the habit of doing this no later than the day before your exam and definitely not the day of when you’re running late and just spilled coffee down your shirt because you didn’t tighten the lid on your Yeti, as it’s scientific fact1 that this is the time your internet is most likely to shit the bed for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Here’s a link straight to the online NTS reprint page so you can go straight there from here, get it done, and have one less thing to worry about on exam day.

1 It’s not actually science but it might as well be, obviously the scientists just haven’t gotten around to studying this phenomenon yet.

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