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Deepen Your Relationships, Enhance Your Success

This sponsored content is brought to you by The Siegfried Group.

You hear it everywhere, all the time: To be successful, you need to have a solid network of connections. You hear it so often and emphasized so frequently, you might find yourself wondering, “Is this just something people say? How can I develop connections with the right people? Does having all of these relationships really make a difference?

Creating deep and meaningful connections that can benefit you in life isn’t easy for most people.  There’s a level of mastery and persistence to building relationships. It’s time to stop thinking about relationship-building as a superficial networking activity, making lots of connections hoping that something good can come out of it,  which can feel awkward. We are talking about taking deliberate, thoughtful actions that help us build strong, meaningful relationships with other people.

Some companies, like The Siegfried Group, are already leading the way in this arena.

At Siegfried, strong relationship building begins with asking “Who are those people in my life with whom I wish to build mutually-gratifying relationships?” “What steps will I take to make this happen?” It’s much more than having conversations about the weather and your favorite TV show — it’s developing a habit of consistently deepening relationships that positively impact everyone involved. It’s about identifying methods to help you become and stay connected to other people in meaningful ways.

At its core, networking is about finding ways to create connections with like-minded people so you can share your ideas, seek advice, and learn. When you do this and begin to build that network of strong connections, you’ll find many benefits follow, including professional and personal success.

Rob Siegfried, the founder and CEO of The Siegfried Group, recently said that:

Developing individual leadership and building mastery in compelling connections is absolutely crucial when it comes to being successful in your personal life and your professional life. Be a difference maker for yourself and others. It’s not about getting something from other people…it’s about creating and caring for relationships that will last a lifetime.

Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times bestselling author, nationally recognized relationship expert, and the Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, echoed Siegfried’s message:

Your ability to be more relational and more collaborative is the highest return transformational change you can bring to your life. Why? Because the world is inter-dependent today. Everything that you want to achieve in your life has to do with other people.

So, when it comes your personal and professional relationships, remember that even when building (or maintaining) them isn’t easy, it’s making a difference. If you’re looking for ways to develop more meaningful relationships, find ways to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone you normally wouldn’t. And never underestimate the importance of taking a few moments to think quietly about your relationships and how you can enhance them…it can change your day, your week, and your life!

Both Rob Siegfried and Keith Ferrazzi spoke at a leadership development event hosted by The Siegfried Group to encourage individuals to build mastery in “Compelling Connections.” If you’d like to change the way you build relationships by growing your individual leadership ability, consider a career at The Siegfried Group, a firm that excels in helping people become better leaders to exponentially improve their lives.

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